Wendy Williams got her start in the entertainment industry after graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Communications. She then began working at different radio stations and grew her fan base by her remarks on the everyday celebrity happenings, that eventually landed her a TV deal in 2008 where The Wendy Williams Show was born. 

But her radio days had some dark moments. Wendy wasn't just struggling to succeed and maintain her industry reputation, she was also struggling with a cocaine drug addiction that she's relieved she put behind her. Chatting with Entertainment Tonight, the 54-year-old explains her past struggles that ties into her recent 'Be Here' campaign to combat the drug addiction and substance abuse crisis.

“I was a functioning addict though,” she said. “I [reported] to work on time, and I’d walk in and all my co-workers, including my bosses, would know but since I would have my headphones on and walk in the studio and [they] wouldn’t fire me because I was making ratings.”

The task of getting to work on time and maintaining her wild lifestyle wasn't something that was considered easy, but Wendy still managed. “[A] functioning addict has several alarm clocks, you’re organized,” she said. “It’s a miracle I was able to stop.”

Watch the clip below.