Wendy Williams still hasn't publicly addressed all the drama that seems to be going on in her household. Her husband allegedly got another woman pregnant, forcing Wendy to rethink her marriage entirely. Apparently, he has been seeing his mistress on the low for over a decade, which adds even more insanity to this story. Wendy's fans have been waiting for the TV host to return so that she could finally address the rumors in a public setting. She was set to finally come back today but it turns out she hit everybody with the pump fake, announcing that her return will actually take place next week.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Many expected the controversial personality to speak out about all of the accusations that have been made about her husband on today's show but they'll have to wait until January 14, which is the new date that Wendy is set to make her return. "After fracturing her shoulder, Wendy is on the mend and wants to return pain-free and be 200%, delivering the best show that millions of viewers tune-in to watch," writes her producer on Instagram.

Williams suffered a hairline fracture in her shoulder a few weeks ago. She was originally toughing it out but after her painkillers started affecting her behavior and speech during the show, she decided to take an extended break. Will you be tuning in when she's back?