T.I. dropped off a music video clip a few days back that showed a Melania Trump look-alike stripping for him in the oval office. Aside from the fact that the woman looked a lot like The First Lady, the actress was also wearing the infamous jacket Melania once wore to an immigrant detention center that read "I Really Don't Care."

Melania's team issued a boycott of the video with her representative saying "these kinds of vulgar attacks only further the divisiveness and bias in our country - it needs to stop."

Wendy Williams has now added in her two cents, and according to the talk show host, the "administration has lowered the bar" in a major way. "Everyone has jumped into the game so yeah T.I. you're in it too and Melania, sit down," Wendy added. "Trumps you've done this to yourself. T.I., ugh, I found nothing wrong with it."

Watch below at the 4:15 mark.