Watch Stephen Colbert's Post-Election Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Zakk Feig
November 24, 2016 18:11

Stephen Colbert has our back this Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving, there will be an unprecedented volume of political arguments around the table in America. It's a tense atmosphere outside and inside, and as families prepare to meet up and eat some Turkey, things are bound to get heated. Stephen Colbert feels that angst, and as a service to the public, the "Late Show" host has given us a few tips for surviving said scenario, or avoiding it completely.

Some of these tips include sprinkling the turkey with shaved Xanax and playing a game of "tackle to the death" football with the entire family. Colbert concludes:

"Do all these things, and I guarantee a wonderful Thanksgiving ... And that's important, because you can pick your friends but you can't pick your relatives, or evidently pick your president thanks to the Electoral College."

Check out the video above, and may the God of family arguments take mercy upon all of us.

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