Nicki Minaj got people shook with her latest Instagram posts. A few clips and photos were added to her account to tease her upcoming music video for "Bed," which features pop sensation, Ariana Grande. The one look she shares involved her being dressed as a mermaid. She lays on the beach with a scaly tale in the place of her legs. Strategically placed pasties are glued to her chest. After the more glamourous teaser, Nicki offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the getup. Her latest IG video post depicts one member of her production team helping the rapper "shimmy" into the mermaid tail. The man stands over the star with a spray bottle. While tugging on the top of her costume, he sprays a kind of lubricant one her derriere. The mermaid for a day sways from side to side, singing and laughing about the whole ordeal. At one point she yells: "What you mean, we're almost there? There's no space for my foot!" We know damn well her foot ain't the problem.

The star confirms that she will be dropping the "Bed" music video in the post's caption. Her antics are entertaining as always, though they might be added to Joe Budden's arsenal of clues that point to her drug use