Lil Kim recently sat down with Genius for their For The Record interview series to discuss an array of interesting topics. Following her dazzling performance at the BET Awards wherein she performed many of her well-known hits and gave us the iconic Lil Kim duck and bop move she's known for, the rapper is now doing promotional runs to speak on the release of her fifth studio album 9. The conversation between Kim and Rob Markman consisted of a lot of salient subjects such as the legendary rapper's decade-long career and upcoming collaborations with the City Girls. Most interestingly, Lil Kim shared her thoughts on Jermaine Dupri's controversial comments concerning the status of female rap and Hip Hop. As you may recall, Dupri stated he was not feeling the current state of female Hip Hop because there was no variety. He noted an overwhelming amount of what he called "stripper rap."

Lil Kim shared in response: "I think today's music in fun [...]. Sometimes, you don't want to have to think too hard. You want to just vibe. And so, I like what's going on. I don't think that Jermaine Dupri meant no harm. I think he was basically saying I love y'all sexy women talking that sexy stripper talk, but I wanna also hear women spitting hardcore rap. I think he just said it wrong maybe." Check out the full interview above.