Only a few months removed from The Album About Nothing, and yet Wale is already working on his next album. During a press conference at this past weekend’s Essence Festival, the MMG rapper revealed that he’s currently working on a new “go-go” album at the moment. If you’re unfamiliar, “go-go” is a popular music sub-genre associated with funk that originated in the Washington, D.C. area. (Learn more about it here.)

Acting more like a side project, which Wale compares to being his N.E.R.D. project, the “go-go” album isn’t going to be your typical Wale album. Wale says he’s recruited Chris Brown and Tinashe for it, and wants to get several prominent "go-go" musicians as well from the D.C. area.

Before fans are blessed with this “go-go” album though, Wale confirmed that the highly anticipated Self Made Vol. 4 from the MMG squad will be arriving first. No release date or info was revealed on that, but it definitely looks like it's coming soon.

Watch the brief press conference below.