Millions of people have watched the disturbing video that showed a 75-year-old protester being knocked down by Buffalo police, but there is still a debate regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident. The elderly man was at a protest and can be seen approaching a number of officers before he was knocked over. He landed on his back and immediately began bleeding from his ears. In the video, an officer is heard telling the others not to help him while bystanders yell for someone to aid the man.

Wale Trump
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Later, it was shared that as the man recovered and two officers had been suspended in connection with the incident, causing nearly five dozen of their fellow officers to walk off the job in solidarity. Today (June 9), President Donald Trump took to his favorite social media platform, Twitter, so share a few unconfirmed allegations about the identity of the 75-year-old victim. According to Trump, the elderly man may have some ties to ANTIFA that "appeared to scan police communications." Trump also suggested that the man fell "harder than he was pushed," alleging that he sustained his injuries on purpose.

After the bizarre tweet, Trump was met with criticism. Rapper and activist Wale even came forward with a simple response: "Girl... we seen the footage." Even so, it's clear that the President isn't willing to acknowledge acts of police brutality in this specific incident. This response from Trump also calls into question why people are struggling to believe footage that has been captured by witnesses. Let us know if you agree with Trump's conspiracy theory.