Many on social media were shocked and disgusted this past week after a video surfaced on Twitter which showed police shoving a 75-year-old Buffalo man to the ground. The man was on the ground bleeding from his ear and no one came to help him until it was almost too late. Numerous high profile people used the incident as a prime example of how police brutality has infested the United States and how it needs to stop this instant.

Well, Buffalo mayor Byron Brown doesn't seem to think the police did anything wrong. When asked about the incident, he referred to the man in question Martin Gugino as an "agitator" and as someone who has been inciting riots and looting in the city. These are pretty heavy allegations for a 75-year-old and to make matters worse, Brown endorsed the use of force as he was reportedly out past curfew.

Rapper Ice Cube saw these remarks and immediately reacted saying simply: "SUCKA SHIT." It's certainly hard to disagree with Cube's sentiments when you consider how the mayor of a major city is trying to justify the use of excessive force on an elderly man who was only trying to give a helmet back to the police.

Needless to say, it certainly seems like there is a disconnect when it comes to the police and the citizens of this country.