Wale has been in the game for a while now and his story has many twists and turns. He has hopped around between record labels and management teams. His career can be broken down into the various business arrangements he was entangled in at given stages. In his new hour-and-fourty-minute interview on Joe Budden's "Pull Up" series, they chronicle these stages to arrive at Wale's current situation and state of mind. Towards the end of their chat, Budden asks, "In 2020, is there anybody you need to make it right with?" Without hesitating, Wale responds that he feels there's a crucial conversation to be had between him and Jay-Z. 

"HOV," Wale says. "That's my idol. That's my Michael Jordan. I just feel there's one conversation we gotta have, but it ain't nothing bad though. We just gotta have one conversation. I mean like, there was a time when I could reach Obama easier than I could reach Jay-Z. Jay-Z took me on my first world tour. He took me on my first major domestic tour. I learned a lot from him. This is a conversation we probably should have soon. Things I wanna tell him."

Wale Joe Budden Pull Up Jay-Z Conversation Roc NationJohnny Nunez/WireImage/GettyImages

"Just a real solid convo," the DMV rapper adds. "Like where I'm at now as a grown man. You know, I left Roc Nation as a child." Wale signed to the Roc, Jay-Z's management company, in 2009 and left in 2014, when he was 29 years old. Budden wondered whether both Wale and Roc Nation were children, in a metaphorical sense, at the time: "you in your infancy stage as an artist and Roc Nation in its infancy stage as a growing business." 

Earlier in the interview, Budden got frustrated with Wale for not giving in-depth and honest answers to his questions, specifically one about his hit "On Chill".