Joe Budden is not one to hold his tongue when something isn't sitting well with him. While he was interviewing Wale on the latest episode of "Pull Up", he didn't hesitate to call out his guest when he was giving unsatisfactory answers. 

Around the 15-minute mark of the video below, Budden asked Wale to speak about how he felt when his recent single, "On Chill", became a commercial success. Wale, without much enthusiasm, started discussing how the numbers reflecting its positive reception left him with a "good feeling." Budden thought the DMV rapper wasn't diving deep enough to offer an honest response. "Oh my Jesus man," Budden exasperatedly interrupts. "I hate when you n****s make this difficult. Coming off of the album, before the fucking album that's doing great right now, when there were rumors that maybe Wale had lost a step - that maybe Wale's pen was not as sharp as it once was, that maybe Wale wasn't as valuable as he once was - and then you caught another hit. So, when I ask you how it feels, I'm not looking for this shallow laid-back bullshit that you've given everyone else."

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

This occurred within the first 20 minutes of the interview and tension is palpable for the remaining hour and 20 minutes. There are several moments when Wale appears to be frustrated with Budden's tone and prying. Wale explains that his hesitation to speak on certain matters stems from past experiences of his words being twisted and held against him. At one point, Wale says, "Go ahead. Add to the list of n****s that get the toxic moments from Wale and I just come off the wrong way for everybody, every time."