Back in 2014, Waka Flocka had put forth an initiative to find his personal blunt roller, willing to roll his weed as their day job. The salary was pretty impressive as well with Waka offering $50K per year to the applicant lucky enough to be chosen to work alongside him. Hundreds of people applied for the position but the man who ended up receiving the pleasure of rolling blunts for Waka Flocka was none other than comedian Seth Rogen. Accepting the position, the two stoners were bound to become friends but things apparently went sour not long after he began his new career path.

During an interview on Shade 45, Rogen revealed what went wrong in their working relationship. "We both did not make good on that deal. He didn't pay me and I didn't roll any joints," disclosed the actor to the radio hosts. The interview prompted Waka Flocka to tell his side of the story on Twitter, sharing that Seth's alternate career path was just not set out for him. "Lol I fired @Sethrogen 😂😂😂 for the blunt rolling position 💀💀💀 @DJWhooKid @shade45 💥💥🔫," tweeted Waka in response.

While Seth Rogen is likely one of the premier blunt-rollers in the game, it just didn't work out between he and Waka. While it is unclear who has been helping the rapper prepare his joints for the last four years, it definitely was not Seth Rogen.