Waka Flocka had a promising commercial career ahead of him after debuting on the scene back in 2009, but for some reason, his full potential never quite turned into fruition. His last official studio album was back in 2012, and he has since been releasing a steady stream of mixtapes for fans. In a new Instagram video, the 34-year-old Georgia native acknowledged his departure from the rap scene, admitting he refused to change who he was just for fame. 

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Culture Creators

Waka begins by prefacing the video as "free game" for new rappers coming up in the scene. He began, "I had no profession, I had no trade, I didn't know how the f*ck I was going to start but I knew how I was gone finish. And I remember in my process, man, this is 2013, when I quit, quit, I told myself, I was like man I'm finna find some sh*t to keep me good and my family good...and I found it."

He continued, "And since my whole journey since 2013, I done heard the people closest to me, the people I love as family say, 'man that n*gga fell off he gonna go broke. I done heard n*ggas say I wasn't street enough again, that wasn't gonna make me run in the streets and be a street n*gga again cus that's not who I am." 

He then went on to add that it was all worth it, and that he refuses to change his character just to make it in music again. He added how his battle with drugs, alcohol and depression was also eye-opening to him, and he has no desire to tap back into that space again. He emphasized to keep a clear goal 

He continued to elaborate in the latter half of the video on how he never hopped on random remixes back in the first half of the previous decade when he was at his peak, adding "I never rapped to be famous." His wise were well-received from viewers who praised him for speaking on "real sh*t."

Check out Waka's full statement above, and let us know down in the comments if you agree with him or not.