The hype surrounding Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera's new series continues to grow as WeTV releases another teaser trailer for Waka & Tammy Tie the Knot. The couple is fresh off of Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition, and they're keeping that reality television train moving with this new show that centers around the renewal of their vows. The pair recently traveled to Mexico to jump the broom, again, with their close family and friends by their sides, but this time they documented the entire thing for an international audience.

In this latest clip, the lovebirds sit down one-on-one and talk about the evolution of their relationship, including the moments that almost sabotaged their marriage. "You weren't always the best man," Tammy begins. Waka twists up his face and says, "Stop lying. I've always been the best man." Tammy counters with, "You've been great, but you haven't always been the best man." It seems that they're discussing Waka's rumored infidelities, something that he called a "hiccup," although Tammy recalls them as a "few hiccups."

"In Marriage Boot Camp we took a lied detector test," Tammy says to the camera. "I didn't know if I trust Waka or not so I actually learned something myself, that maybe I don't fully trust him. But, he's been proving himself day by day, that he's here, he's committed. So, we have a lot of years to gain all of that trust back." Waka says that Tammy helped change him to the man he's supposed it be, and it took all of those "hiccups" to get them where they are. 

Tammy admits that love is difficult, staying in love is even harder, and that she almost gave up on Waka many times. In the green screen segment, Waka said, "I can tell when she falls back in love. It just lets me know that the new me is way better than the old me. If you stand on what you believe in, man...just stand on uplifting your woman. Just stand on saving your family. Just stand on being a man. For real."