One of Hollywood’s most beloved comedic actors, Vince Vaughn plays a lot of eclectic characters. From Wedding Crashers to Swingers, Vaughn’s presence in a movie is a surefire indicator of the crude humor and enthralling antics to come. Based on its trailer released earlier today, Blumhouse Productions’ upcoming horror flick, Freaky, starring Vaughn as a depraved serial killer who swaps bodies with gawky teenage girl, Millie (Kathryn Newton, HBO’s Big Little Lies, Netflix’s The Society), will be no different. 

Carrying the torch in the long-running tradition of teen body-swap films based on the infamous Freaky Friday plot, Happy Death Day director Christopher Landon and co-screenwriter Michael Kennedy will be releasing their lively take on the dearly-loved storyline on Friday, November 13th, 2020. We see what you did there, Blumhouse. 

As the clock ticks for Millie’s friends and family members who are unknowingly in the presence of a bloodthirsty serial killer eagerly awaiting to kill them off one by one, Millie has 24 hours to get back into her old body before the switch is permanent. The only problem? Kind of hard to do anything while trapped in the hulking body of an infamous middle-aged serial killer nicknamed “The Butcher” whose face is on “Wanted” posters all around town. 

Aided by her best friends, Millie must overtake The Butcher, get back into her old body, and save the lives of her peers in an epic battle against both a monstrous killer, and time.