To think, there are an entire generation of hip-hop listeners who know 50 Cent for his Instagram antics, moreso than his music. In that sense, upcoming horror flick Happy Death Day 2 U is doing the Lord's work, bringing one of Fif's formative classics back into the rotation. Today marks the arrival of the upcoming sequel's new trailer, which arrives on the heels of last year's surprise Halloween hit.

The plot once again follows Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) as she's thrust back into the deadly loop, not unlike the plot of the first one. This time, however, comes a notable difference. It would appear she's not alone in her suffering, as boyfriend Carter and his homie appear to be subjected to the same fate. Like in the original, Tree seems destined to end each day on a macabre note, which is to say, killed in a variety of brutal and entertaining manner. With every death comes an increased level of jadedness, expertly delivered by Rothe's charismatic performance. 

Peep the trailer now, complete with a 50 Cent led soundtrack. The movie arrives on February 14th, 2019, known to us romantic types as Valentine's Day.