Vince Staples goes into deeper territory than most interview guests once again.

During a stop by Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97, the Big Fish Theory artist talked about a great many topics, most intriguingly the idea that rappers don't make the music they necessarily want to as they become more and more successful. "If we didn't tell these n****s they had to make money, they had to be hyper successful, they had to get all the attention, they wouldn't make the music that gets the most attention, that 'makes the most money'," he said. "[When] a n***a say he rap, 'Ok, I wanna see a Benz.'"

Staples also touched on the idea that, with so much attention paid to the material gains in rap music and the lifestyle it affords, it has become a vicious cycle of fulfilling an unnecessary societal need. "[We] put so much pressure on these n****s to be this, and to be that and to be that, what you expect them to do? So every interview is, 'Oh you livin good now, where you at? What kinda car you got?' N****s be askin that, every interview! I ain't never got an interview where ain't nobody ask me somethin’ about my pockets [...] But then they wanna ask you like, 'Oh, you livin good, blah don't feel bad leavin’ the hood?' It's a mindf**k [...]"

Check out more of the interview by watching the full-length clip below.