Even though he's pretty nonchalant about being a skilled MC, Vince Staples is still making some major moves these days. The rapper's been teasing a new project since the release of FM!and it appears that we might be seeing its release much sooner than expected. Vince Staples has officially inked a deal with Motown Records through Blacksmith Recordings. The announcement of his new signing was made on Wednesday at the Capitol Congress 2019. It's a massive move for Vince Staples who released his last three projects through Def Jam.


Blacksmith Recordings was launched recently by Corey Smyth who is a veteran in the music industry. Staples and Smyth have a deep history together as the rapper is under Blacksmith's management branch. 

"My mission through Blacksmith Recordings is to nurture young and new talent from the ground up and enable them to expand their vision of success," Corey Smyth said in a statement after launching the label. "We are looking at the big picture, thinking about how a musician evolves across genres, what success looks like in the first year and a decade later and what happens after the first album, the second and the third. Our goal is to reinforce career longevity and boundless potential in the artists we represent, while growing global brands around them."

Vince Staples announced Poppy Street Sinners last year after the release of FM! Hopefully, with the new deal, we'll get a new album from Vince before the end of the year.