Back in June, Ramona Park rapper Vince Staples released his experimental album Big Fish. The electro-house tinged production may have alienated certain segments of the hip-hop audience, but Staples enjoyed a solid batch of critical acclaim nonetheless. Yesterday, Vince and Juicy J teamed up for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which found the duo performing on the big stage.

Vince performed the album's first single "Big Fish," dressed in a flashy red-zipper down. The crowd seemed to be feeling it, but you can honestly never tell with these Jimmy Kimmel Live audiences. Either way, they kicked it up a notch when Juicy J whipped out a fat stack of cash and began making it rain. There's no words how much the bills he tossed into the crowd were worth, but either way, it's a badass move. 

Ultimately, Juicy J largely plays the role of hype-man, throwing up the money phone and sharing the wealth. Still, could anyone ask for a more hype hype-man? Doubtful. Despite Big Fish Theory having some slightly disappointing sales figures, Staples remains on the promotional circuit, continuing to impress with his strong live performance. Check out the entire video below, and if you haven't already, go check out the single in full, aquatic glory.