A mother and father were embarking a Silver Airways flight to Mexico when they began to notice some jarring noises coming from two rows back. What they witnessed was a couple who were openly having sex in their seat, showcasing their association with the infamous "Mile High Club" in plain view. 

The mother and father recorded the shenanigans and sent the video to their daughter, who immediately took to Twitter to showcase the couple's brazen shamelessness. "My mom and dad were just trying to have a peaceful trip to Mexico and then they sent me this…….." which included the NSFW clip

In the video, the mother pans her camera around the cabin, as the rest of the passengers mind their own business whilst en route to their final destination. 

Since being shared online, the clip has attracted nearly six million views, 118,690 likes and a staggering 47,326 retweets in the process. 

Silver Airways confirm that the public display did occur on one of the company's routine flights, but do not condone the behaviour whatsoever.