A video of two Black men being arrested and escorted from a Philadelphia Starbucks has sparked outraged. As the witness who took the following video describes, the two men were essentially arrested for hanging around without ordering a thing.

Although responsibility over the incident should fall on the franchise manager, the Starbucks corporation stepped into offer an official apology to the two men who were subjected to discrimination. Twitter users have suggested there must be more to the story than meets the eye. Those rumblings have been quashed by a witness on site.

The discord between staffers and thead office led to an internal review of the situation. Starbucks' media department responded directly to Melissa Depino's live-tweets a day after they surfaced. The company also sent out a query to other witnesses and filed a request for a copy of the police report.

Their investigation on the matter resulted in the company making a formal address. The names of the two individuals who discriminated upon was once again withheld, enough damage had been done. Starbucks promised to review their organizational policies to try and ensure this never happens again. Needless to say, corporations have limited knowledge of what goes on from one chapter to the next.