"That's what I get for playing this dumb ass game."- Famous words of a Pokemon Go player who drove his Toyota RAV4 straight into a parked police car in Baltimore.

The kid was reportedly playing the addicting Pokemon game- which has captured the hearts of everyone from locals in the streets of New York City to the NBA's rising superstars- while driving when he crashed right into the police vehicle where cops were standing just feet away.

How the hell are you gonna play Pokemon while driving, isn't the whole point to walk around and catch them? Driving around to catch jigglypuffs seems like the equivalent of Pokemon HGH, and this driver is the Sammy Sosa of Pokemon Go. Put an asterisk by all of his stats immediately. 

After the crash, the dude immediately got out of the car and apologized for trying to catch 'em all while he was behind the wheel. At least everyone was ok and he didn't walk off a cliff, right?

The crazy footage was captured on one of the officers' body cameras, which you can check out below.