Pokemon Go is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you're not out there running around like a jagaloon in search of little animated critters, you're likely sitting back and waiting for the Pokemon gamers to walk into a light pole, trip on a curb, or fall off a cliff. And the latter actually happened yesterday afternoon. 

Two men in San Diego's North County reportedly fell off a cliff around 1:12pm on Wednesday, despite fences and signs that warned the public of unstable bluffs in the area.

According to the report, the two Pokemon hunters hopped a fence during their chase and lifeguards discovered one man 50 feet down the cliff and the other 80 to 90 feet down the cliff on the beach. The extent of their injuries are unknown but it doesn't take a genius to figure out these dudes aren't in good shape right now.

This story represents just one of the many hazards that Pokemon Go players have encountered- from the lady in Wyoming who discovered a dead body in a river while playing, to the four teens who were using the game to rob unsuspecting players, this shit might really be the most dangerous game.