Vic Mensa's been quietly having a busy year, and while his album The Autobiography ultimately dropped to disappointing sales, the project remains a solid and underrated journey into the young Chicago rapper's psyche." With appearances from Pharrell Williams, Chief Keef, and Weezer, Vic's project was enough to land him yet another co-sign from Roc Nation boss Jay-Z, as well as a notorious interview with Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks on Everyday Struggle. Unfortunately, the interview somewhat overshadowed any of Mensa's musical endeavors, and it sort of felt as if everyone was more interested in the drama than they were in Vic's message. 

With that behind him, Vic Mensa hit up Rosenberg for an in-depth conversation. The pair touched on a variety of interesting topics, including white supremacy, working with Kanye West, and of course, DJ Akademiks. When Rosenberg and Vic reflect on Charlottesville, which eventually turns into a discussion about how people have gone too far with social media activism. Vic actually drops a poignant line on that topic, stating "it's corny cause it removes the expectation of real action." He goes on to elaborate that he actually does care about these issues, and delves deeper into the dynamics of social media and its effects.

Thankfully, when Mensa gets around to discussing Akademiks, he opts to take a more calculated approach than he has in the past. Instead of clowning on Ak and calling him a bitch, Mensa breaks down the specifics of why he felt hurt by Akademik's War In Chiraq series. Once again, Mensa seems to be in rare form with the wisdom, citing an anecdote he picked up from a Holocaust survivor: "Be careful how you allow others to make jokes about your people."

For more from Vic, including some details on his studio session with Kanye West, check out the full video below.