Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro was the target of an aerial attack on Saturday while he addressed his military officers in a special ceremony. The footage provided by ABC News shows Maduro moments before his mic was cut and explosive drones dropped to the ground. Several people were arrested and taken into question. 

A section of those in attendance were injured (7 or so). Maduro himself believes the nation of Colombia is responsible for the assassination plot, allegations their ministry was was quick to refute.

In his latest address, Maduro administered a portion of the blame to "a right-wing plot" coerced by the United States with the objective of overseeing the downfall of his socialist agenda. The Tweet (below) administered on his official page literally translates to: "My solidarity with the troops of our @ wounded, I pledge to do justice fall who falls! Before the criminal attack ordered from Bogotá." 

Incidentally, the U.S. denied any involvement. National Security Adviser John Bolton added that the assassination could be "a pretext set up by the regime itself". Meanwhile a rag-tag group on Twitter named "Soldiers in T-shirts" claimed responsibility for the attack, but political observers don't seem willing to credit or entertain that theory at present time.