While Usher has been making some wild headlines lately, none of which he has publicly responded to, turns out that despite the negative press attention that he's still putting it work. In a recent set of posts on Jermaine Dupri's Instagram, Usher is in the background singing Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" while waking down a hall with JD in one video. The other video has is another one caught by JD of Usher singing his heart out in the middle of the studio.

While it seems the rest of the world is more attentive of the current state of his herpes lawsuits, it doesn't seem like Usher is paying it any mind. The videos show Usher looking relatively stress free and focused on making music.

Jermaine Dupri and Usher are definitely not strangers to each other. The So Def CEO executive produced and produced the majority of Usher's 1997 My Way album which has gone 6x Platinum in the United States.

Usher been in the midst of a strange amount of controversy. He was hit with a lawsuit claiming that he gave a woman herpes, which ended up leaving him with more accusers. As of now, he has yet to give a public statement on the matter other than sources claiming he has denied the matter.

While we wait for that scenario to unfold, hopefully the new music he's working on with Jermaine Dupri ends up surfacing soon. 

Check out the Jermaine Dupri's Instagram posts below: