You know what it is. My favourite cuts from the past week, there's probably one or two you overlooked so now's your time to look them over. Some solid summer jams. 

Jeremih- Val Venis (Remix)

I've really been digging Jeremih's shit lately (see: this). He's doing a little bit of rap-singing on this and I like it. The beat is dope, laced with some hi-pitched chiming and bass every now and then. This song was originally Chicagos' King L who appears to be on the come-up along with Chief Keef. Hopefully Jeremih continues down this path on his Late Nights mixtape.

Chuck Inglish- Back Up

In an interview I did with Sir Michael Rocks he kinda made it sound like his friend and fellow Cool Kids member Chuck Inglish would be shying away from the rap scene and focus more on producing. Well I guess that's not the case since he dropped this track along with the announcement of a new LP called Convertibles! And I'm glad to hear it. The beat is classic Chuck Inglish, with heavy drums and bass, plus Chuck is always dope on a hook.

Dusty McFly- I'm Out Here (D-Mix) Feat. Big Sean, Boldy James, Danny Brown & Peezy

Dusty McFly dropped two remixes to his single “I'm Out Here” last week, one featured Big Sean and Dom Kennedy and the other one, was this one. I really liked them both but this one was more deserved of the 'underrated' label so here it is. Big Sean's verse is still there, Boldy James never disappoints me, and I am slowly developping a liking towards Danny Brown. Peezy is the only I don't anything to say on...except that.

Havoc- Same Shit Different Day

Havoc dropped this single off his own upcoming solo project. It's just a song everyone can relate to, everyone knows that 'same shit, different day' feeling. Hav says he "spit[s] it for the average cititzen going through motions," yup, that's a lot of us. There are also some potential shots at his Mobb Deep partner, Prodigy, in there: “dry snitching writing books/lying out they ass just to sell a book” The track was self-produced as well.

Ab-Soul- Donnie Brasco Feat. Fashawn & One-2

Can't forget my favourite member of Black Hippy this week. Soulo did this song for Treacherous Records' compilation album The Mint Room which drops July 10th. Donnie Brasco was a movie I vaguely remember seeing, I'm pretty sure I didn't finish it, but what I DO remember from it was that Donnie Brasco was an undercover cop...which I guess anyone would know just from listening to this song.