Ugly God had a killer 2017 before he announced that he'd be going ghost on social media for the remainder of the year. Since then, he's broken said promise and has popped up and interacted with his fans. Now that the New Year has arrived, he's been active on the 'Gram for the past few days. Most recently, he hit the social media platform to share some love to a fellow Houston artist.

Ugly God his Instagram story to share some love at the top of 2018 to Travis Scott. "S/o to Travis," he captioned the post with a picture of Travis Scott holding the World Series cup, "2018 I'm worried about me and my city. We need more Houston artists. I just want to thank Travis for holding these n*ggas by the neck. Now I'm about to tackle them by the ankles. 713281832." Considering the two artists are originally from Houston, it's strange that we haven't seen them work on music together. Hopefully, this ultimately leads to a collab between the two artists.

Both Ugly God and Travis Scott have had a pretty solid few months. Earlier today, Travis Scott was named as one of the performers at this year's Governor's Ball. In addition to that, he closed out 2017 with his highly anticipated joint project with QuavoHuncho Jack Jack Huncho.

As for Ugly God, he released his debut commercial mixtape, The Booty Tape at the top of August 2017 which later peaked at 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Hopefully, he has another project in the stash.