With Igor officially on the way, Tyler, The Creator continues to let fans in on what they can expect from the project. It's expected to arrive at the end of this week and over the course of the last month, mysterious snippets and video previews have infiltrated the rapper's page. Tyler regularly does not create things in a conventional manner. He announced the album last week but there still isn't a lead single or anything of the sort. All we have to base ourselves off of are these short clips on his YouTube. Today, he uploaded yet another, hyping fans up for the album and introducing some fresh vibes to the table.

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

The artist can be seen climbing the largest ladder you've ever seen with the camera zooming in to reveal the device actually towers over skyscrapers. Titled "a boy is a gun*," the new song sounds like it would fit in perfectly with much of Tyler's recent discography. We're only given about thirty seconds of the song and video but we've got to say that we're excited for this Friday if the vibes are consistent.

This is one of several previews that Tyler, The Creator has shared to this point. Igor will be releasing on May 17. Are you looking forward to it?