Among the many strange things to occur this year, who would've expected the biggest artist in the world to get booed off stage as a surprise guest? Not many but in a year filled with many twists and turns, it seems pretty on-brand with everything else that's gone on in 2019. Drake's incredibly short performance at Camp Flog Gnaw would've been received much differently in most other festivals but the Canadian rapper ended up getting booed off of the stage.

In a recent interview with Kerwin Frost, Tyler shared some behind the scenes details about what happened and how disappointing the outcome of the situation was. "Everyone thought Frank was gonna be there but I never said he was or implied it or anything," Tyler said. "Drake came out and a couple people were mad. Everyone's having a good time but there were a few people in the front who were just not fucking with it."

He continued, "The only reason I was mad was because I was like, 'Aubrey, n***a, come to this. Everyone is going to welcome you with open arms. These kids don't judge. This is a safe spot for anyone.' And then when that happened and these motherfuckers are like 'fuck you,' it's like a reflection on me to Aubrey."

He then explained how this whole situation is similar to inviting your friend to your house only to have your kid piss on their leg.

"It's like coming to my house and then my kids start peeing on your leg and then you start lookin' at me like, 'Dawg, get your fucking kids, bro!' And that's what it felt like. But that's they're fault that they thought what they thought."