Ty Dolla $ign has been busy over the last few years, releasing a slew of projects and doing countless features. Somewhere within that prolific stretch, he began to run up a bill with the IRS, who TMZ reports are after him for 180,000 in back taxes. According to the report, Ty owes $16,617.05 for 2011, $54,626.91 for 2013 and $109,725.39 for 2014, his totals increasing as he gained success in the music business.

While 180 grand is nothing to scoff at, Ty probably won't have nearly as much trouble paying off his debt as Nelly, who was reported to owe over $2 million to the IRS earlier this year. Following the report, fans attempted to help Nelly out by streaming "Hot In Herre." Ty may not need the same level of support, but streaming his excellent new Campaign project is still in your best interest.