Twista was on his way to a concert in Valparaiso, Indiana, when the Rolls Royce Phantom in which he was seated was pulled over by police. The cops claimed that the car had to be pulled over because it was following too closely behind a truck, and when they approached the car, they allegedly smelled weed, thus prompting a search. 

Cops then supposedly found a half an ounce of marijuana hidden in a fake can. Twista, two passengers, and the driver of the Rolls Royce were then each arrested on misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession, thus forcing the cancellation of the concert scheduled for later that night. Each of four men denied ownership of the marijuana. 

Twista remained in jail for most of the night and was eventually released at 4am (Mar. 25) on $500 bail. Later in the day, Twista placed a video call to TMZ to explain what had gone down the night before. Though the cops apparently measured a half an ounce of bud, Twista told the gossip outlet that, if the cops did indeed find something, it was only enough for "a very small, short session." 

"Nobody rolled on anybody," Twista continued. "Nobody took blame. It was just a messed up situation with a little bit of smoke -- allegedly -- and we suffered the consequences, and the fans did too." 

The arrest has led the owner of the venue (Big Shots) at which Twista was set to perform, a man named Ed Roseberry, to take issue with the local sheriff's department, reports the Chicago Tribune.

"(Police) only show up when we have a certain demographic at the rap shows," said Roseberry, implying that the cops had unfairly targeted the Chicago emcee and his entourage. "What really hurt me is we did everything and police said later we did a tight job but they got Twista with a little old weed charge."