Troy Ave barely survived the Irving Plaza shooting last year, whereas his friend and bodyguard Ronald McPhatter was murdered. Last Wednesday on a visit to The Breakfast Club, rapper Troy Ave said McPhatter's family has blocked his attempts to immortalize his friend. DNAinfo reports that, in response, the family accuse Dope Boy Troy of capitalizing on their relative's death to "boost his street cred."

"This man never came to me, my sister, my mom or my brother to offer anything," McPhatter's sister, Jamie Albert said. "We called and called, and this went on for two days and we said, 'We're not gonna bother them no more.' So we never asked for no money."

On The Breakfast Club, Troy said the McPhatters tried to squeeze money out of him and holding a lavish funeral. He said he wanted to make a procession through the streets of Brooklyn in a horse-drawn carriage and bury him near a Popeye's restaurant where they used to eat. Later that day, McPhatter's brother Shanduke tweeted a challenge at Troy.

The McPhatters yanked their late brother's name off a $2,000 annual scholarship for graduating student athletes Troy created at New Utrecht High School. They say he never called them to get their permission. They say they had to bury their sibling in North Carolina to keep the rapper from using their brother's grave as a "spectacle."

"He used our brother as a human bulletproof vest. Instead of apologizing, he bashes us and he disrespects and he talks down on us. We've been too gracious about some of the things that happened to our little brother," McPhatter's sistyer said.