Tristan Thompson don did it again. The Cleveland Cavaliers player is once again caught up in another cheating scandal with his baby mother Khloe Kardashian ending their second-go at things after he first cheated on her days before their daughter was born. The real plot twist is that he cheated on her with Kylie Jenner's best, Jordyn Woods.

By no surprise at all, Charlamagne Tha God and his Breakfast Club affiliates have labelled Tristan Thompson as the "Donkey of the Day" based on these new reports and according to C Tha God, studies show that men over 6'5 make the worst cheaters because they are too easy to spot. After calling Tristian out for his tomfoolery, C Th God tries to level with the NBA player and base his careless acts on his age. 

"Tristan, I get it. He's a young man, 27-years-old but bruh you're either one of three things," C Tha God explains, as seen in the video below. "One, the dumbest 6'9 cheater in all of America [...] Two, you are the most disrespectful man in all of America," he adds, explaining how the sole purpose of cheating back in the day was to not get caught. "Do you care? because that's the third thing. You must not give a damn. You must just want to be a baby daddy."

Watch C Tha God explain in full just how Tristan has earned his title.