Out of all the new rappers coming in the game right now, Trippie Redd seems to have one of the most promising careers ahead of him. He's still in the midst of bubbling up and is not even close to reaching the peak of his career but he's already been in the studio with some of the iconic artists of our time. Between his upcoming record with Lil Wayne to "Dark Knight Gummo" with Travis Scott, he's on a good path right now. 

Over the weekend, Drake released two new records as part of his Scary Hours EP. One of the tracks, "God's Plan," was rumored to feature Trippie Redd since snippets of the song surfaced. Unfortunately, Redd wasn't anywhere on it. But it looks like he and Drake may still have something special coming out soon.

Footage of Trippie Redd and Drake's right hand man and producer, OVO 40, were spotted in the studio recently wrapping up a new record. Will it be an updated version of "God's Plan" featuring Trippie Redd or a whole new single? It's pretty vague at this point. In the clip, you could only see Trippie and 40 working in the lab but there's no audio with it. Hopefully, we get to see what ends up coming out of this session in the near future.

In a recent interview on Big Boy's Neighborhood, Trippie Redd didn't really speak too much on the Drake record even if asked. The interview was done yesterday and the clip of him in the studio was posted last night so whatever that might be coming out seems to be top secret.