This year, Kreayshawn and V-Nasty of The White Girl Mob have been criticized for their group's use of the N word. While many have spoken out about this, Trina recently said that she doesn't "see what the big deal about it is." Miami's Trina also said that it's a "matter of respect" and that there are more serious topics to think about.

“I don’t see what the big deal about it is,” Trina said an interview with “It’s a matter of respect, if you’re not being disrespectful, if you’re not doing it in a racist way…I’m not really the person that care’s too much about all that.”

She went on to note that more "serious stuff" should be talked about and added that the term will continue to live on.

"It’s so much more serious stuff going on in life,” Trina added. “Let's worry about voting for Barack Obama for president again. I don't think the N-word is such a big deal, we've been saying it for years, decades, white, blacks, Hispanic, Jamaican, Haitian, Chinese whatever. It is what it is, we didn't create it, we didn't start it and we're not going to be the last to say it. It's going to continue on and on and on so we just need to focus on what's important."

This year, V-Nasty has tried to explain her use of the N word and then vowed never to use it again in her songs. Meanwhile, Trina has been working on her next album with Rick Ross, fueling rumors of a potential move to Maybach Music Group after cutting ties with Slip-n-Slide.