Trick-Trick may be a rapper, but he's primarily known as the creator of the "No Fly Zone" policy that he enforces in his hometown of Detroit. Trick has been known to ban rappers from the city if they do not actively support the Detroit rap scene or collaborate with artists from the region. We most recently saw some conflict arise from this when Rick Ross attempted to play a show in Michigan, but it appears J. Cole may be next in Trick's crosshairs.

A song on Cole's upcoming record, 2014 Forest Hills Drive mentionsa few white rappers who he suggests have capitalized on a black artform, one of them being Eminem. When this was pointed out by an associate of Trick-Trick on Instagram, the Detroit gatekeeper commented, "He ain't poppin "Shit Shit" is he????? I will lock the gate on that n---a!", later adding that Cole was asking for "an ass whippin" by dropping Em's name.

Whether or not this is just an off-the-cuff reaction, or will actually result in a ban of Cole from Detroit is yet to be seen. View a screencap of the Instagram conversation above.