A few days ago, news broke that Rick Rosshad been turned away from a show in Detroit, indicating that he was barred from entry to a venue by local rapper Trick Trick and his crew. Trick is known for bring a "No Fly Zone" policy to Detroit, in which artists who did not collaborate with the city's artists, or support its scene, are not allowed to perform within its borders.

Stories of the incident differ. The initial report said that Ross was greeted by 100 people barring him from entry, and that he was "in fear of his life". Ross attested that he never even made it to the venue, and that the gates to the site were padlocked, but otherwise there was no strong-arming going on.

A new interview with Trick Trick sees him echoing Ross' sentiments that the protest was non-violent, though he stressed that the issue was between him and Rozay (but never actually used the rapper's name).

"All I did was teach brothers how to stand for something, and stand for it without being violent," said Trick in a lengthy video statement. "What the fuck is the problem with that? Didn't nobody get arrested, wasn't no bloodshed, nothing happened wrong, other than some people getting disappointed in not seeing who they wanted to see. For that, ladies and gentleman, I apologize. But me and that man's business, is me and that man's business."

The rapper later shifted to the problems he sees in Detroit every day, the reason he created this movement. "You're so concerned what you thought was negative, and what you thought was ignorant, and what you thought was bullying, and what you thought was extortion," he said of the coverage of the Ross incident. "You're so concerned with that. Ain't nobody concerned that hours before that up the street a child was killed. We ain't talking about that or finding that motherfucker who did that."

Watch his full address below.