Hell hath no fury like Trick Daddy scorned. The last time we’ve seen the legendary Floridian this upset was during the brief romper craze last year, in which he threatened on-sight retribution on anybody daring to don a male-romper in his vicinity. Now, it would appear he’s back with another rant for the ages. This time, the man is targeting anyone daring to slide into his comment section with some negative energy.

Citing one or two perpetrators in particular, Trick Daddy absolutely unleashes on the troll army, proving once and for all that a creative vocabulary is imperative in conjuring a masterful roast. Case in point, peep some of Trick’s poetic highlights, in which he labels the man in question a “golf-course green, fookie bookie ass” hater. Or later, when he asserts his dominance, threatening to “suck the tity” of any man who dare besmirch his honor. If that’s not enough to put the fear of God in you, I don’t know what is.

Shout out to Trick for standing up for himself, and providing some truly delightful imagery in the process. To be fair, some of images are far less delightful, but still earn points for creativity. Lesson learned; stay out of Trick Daddy’s comment section, lest you find yourself going somewhere you don’t want to be.