Travis Scott's Astroworld has become one of the year's most acclaimed albums, and the carnivalesque-motif has led to a seemingly endless slew of potential merchandising options. Why stop at T-shirts, hoodies, and blankets when you can spawn a god-damn festival? Ever the ambitious artist, Travis Scott has done exactly that, bringing the Astroworld Festival into existence. Set to pop off on November 17th, Travis Scott's upcoming festival will be a packed affair. After all, the event has been officially sold out.

What makes the milestone even crazier is the fact that the lineup has yet to be revealed. Naturally, a performance from Travis is to be expected, though his address book has only expanded in recent months. Look for all manner of stars and collaborators to bless the stage, and salute to everybody who made the blind investment. Clearly, Travis Scott's name carries a fair bit of weight around these here parts.

Should you be looking to attend by any means necessary, there may be hope for you yet. Travis has officially saved a few tickets for anyone looking to go vote, available in select Houston voting locations. "SAVED SOME TIX FOR THE CITY AT THESE VOTING LOCATIONS. GO VOTE !!" he writes, via Twitter. It should be noted that Travis has publically endorsed Texas' Beto O'Rourke for US Senate. Peep the announcement below.