Travis Scott's had a pretty great year so far. He had his first daughter with Kylie Jenner, he's been working relentlessly on his forthcoming Astroworld album and overall, gearing up to have one hell of a year ahead of him. Despite this, the rapper has some legal issues he has to iron out. After failing to perform at a pre-Super Bowl part in Minneapolis, the rapper's being sued by the promoter.

Travis Scott is reportedly being sued by a concert promoter who allegedly fronted the rapper a six figure advance, TheBlast reports. PJAM LLC claims in legal documents that Scott was paid $150K out of his $200K for the performance but, Scott didn't end up showing up. In addition, his agent got $10K booking fee and had a private jet ordered to fly Scott into the venue.

 Apparently, he had "refused to show up to the event" while other reports suggested it was due to the poor weather. This happened a few days after Kylie gave birth to their child, Stormi, although at the time, the birth of Stormi wasn't revealed to the public. It was only the day after the performance that the news was revealed. However, he did perform at Marquees in Las Vegas that same evening as part of his two shows, one night. Sources say that performance went on so he could be close to Kylie.

The promoter's saying that in addition to the large advance, they also claim they paid "Significant sums Plaintiff paid to advertise the event, lease a large entertainment venue and to hire a staff of waiters, bartenders and other assistants for the night.” In addition, they say they're professional reputation was harmed due to Scott's no-show.