A second version of the Astroworld cover design has surfaced in the wake of some internal rumblings between Travis Scott and photographer David LaChappelle. The original mock-up posted by LaChappelle on his Instagram account didn't mirror the final version on Travis' account. Amanda Lepore the missing subject from the original photo, pointed out the discrepancy by posting the version sent to her by LaChappelle.

Notice the missing model on the left-hand side of the giant Travis Scott carnival booth. No model other than Lepore has gone M.I.A. in the 2nd draft.

Tweeters have speculated whether the decision to remove Lepore, a known subversive, was motivated by transphobia, but there's no reason to make that assumption from the jump. That didn't preclude Amanda from taking from posing the question via Instagram: "It was great being part of David LaChappelle’s incredible photograph of Travis Scott’s album cover but I’m curious why I’m not on the picture." Notice how she refrained from making the accusation on the tip of their tongue.

A twitter user also helped the disappearing act gain some level of traction on social media. The remainder of Dave LaChappelle's contracted artwork for the Astroworld album launch is being displayed on his Instagram page.