One of the tours we've been most excited for this year has been Travis Scott's Astroworld: Wish You Were Here experience. Nobody really knows what to expect from the show but considering the astonishing year La Flame has had, we're anticipating a lot. Travis will likely deliver too as he's proven in the past to be a polished and creative performer. Astroworld brought the artist to new heights and with the upcoming arena tour, he will be able to express his vision in a concrete fashion. With the stage design being teased on Instagram a few days ago, Travis Scott provided a few details to Complex about what the fans can expect on tour.

There will definitely be a lot of raging going on during each show, which is something that Travis is excited for. He said, "I'm finally able to have the room to do the production I want, because it's my first arena tour. I'm finally able to fit all the ideas in my brain into one room. There's going to be intensity from the kids in the building, and enough space for the fans to just rage." If you've been to a Trav show in the past, you know just how elaborate they can get. It sounds like Astroworld will be even more precise in the details. 

He compared his stage design to the one he used on Saturday Night Live, revealing, "The tour is more magnified. It's way more realistic. It's more tangible. Man, it's just my ideas on top of ideas, you know? I'm just trying to create free will."

We're excited for the tour to kick off and it sounds like Travis is too. Read the rest of the feature here.