In a few weeks, the first date of theAstroworld: Wish You Were Here tour will take place in Baltimore and Travis Scott fans around the world are getting excited. If you've ever seen Travis perform live, you know to expect some major raging with moshpits forming in every section of the floor and an elaborately-designed stage set. As La Flame grows as an artist with each album, so does his tour design and Astroworld is set to be the biggest spectacle yet. We've witnessed Travis perform atop a massive mechanical eagle and we're anticipating the artist will want to outdo himself with his upcoming shows. Today, he's showing fans the first sneak peek into what they'll be seeing come November 8.

Trav made sure to not give away too many of his plans - the surprise element is still a major part of his shows - but he did offer a glimpse into what the Astroworld tour will look like. Unfortunately, we're not seeing any giant Travis heads or rollercoasters but this is still better than nothing. The "Stop Trying to be God" rapper showed off a portion of his stage, complete with red accented lights and blue lasers in the back. It may not look entirely glamorous but these are the first stages to completing the vision Travis has for this tour.

He wrote, "PAINTBRUSHES HAMMERS ON DECK. JUST GETTING STARTED ASTROWORLD TOUR IS NEAR," as he noted that the set-up has just begun. Are you looking forward to the tour?