In today's modern hip-hop concert experience, many have come to appreciate the more daring feats of performance. Which is to say, reckless stage dives and increasingly perilous crowd-surfing endeavors. Yet adherence to such escalating practices have brought rappers ever-closer to that coveted rockstar status, and thus, the cycle continues. Now, with Tory Lanez currently holding it down for the overseas Assassination Nation tour, the Canadian rapper has decided to raise the bar for his fellow crowd-surfers.

Taking to Instagram to share a documentation of his stuntwork, which finds him channeling the late daredevil Evel Knievel. "Think it’s safe to say," reflects Tory, watching himself clamber from first to second story, "no one has ever crowd surfed to the 2nd floor of an ARENA before .... I’ll take that tho!"

Anybody who has ever been to a Tory Lanez concert likely understands that death-defiance is part of the itinerary, and this time, it appears Fargo has outdone himself. Is he officially the most mobile in the game? Or can someone else dethrone the young clamberer?