Some of the younger rappers and singers have been out here staging crazy antics during their performances. Jazz Cartier is known to climb to the top of the stage trussing during his shows and don't even get us started on Lil Uzi Vert's extravagant stage dives. At this point, we're fairly certain there's a secret competition going on between rappers as to who can perform the craziest shit during their set. The latest culprit was Tory Lanez. Always an entertaining performer, the Canadian singer had to one-up himself by literally standing on top of the crowd while performing his track with Meek Mill, "Litty."

Fitting perfectly with the title of the track and its vibe, Tory did not just hit a regular stage dive. Unlike Famous Dex and 6ix9ine, he was fully clothed during the stunt too. However, fans in the first few rows have to be experiencing sore hands after Lanez stood on top of them for a good minute. Urging fans to keep their hands up (because if they put them down he would crash to the concrete,) a video has been surfacing of the star balancing on top of dozens of his adoring fans. Major props should be awarded to both Tory for even attempting this and his fans for making sure he was safe throughout the stunt.

Check out footage of the insanity below and let us know if you would partake in the madness.