Well, well, well. It seems Nipsey Hussle wasn't the only rapper to be involved in a huge fight outside of a nightclub last night. We previously reported on Nip throwing some punches after getting into an altercation but it looks like a brawl of equal magnitude broke out between Tory Lanez and a group of men. Tory has been making headlines for his beef against Joyner Lucas and yesterday, Joyner decided to poke the bear by asking how many Grammy nominations the Canadian earned. Their feud appears to be more playful than violent so it's unclear if this situation is related at all but Tory Lanez seemingly ended his night in handcuffs after a brawl broke out at Liv nightclub.

Video was obtained by DJ Akademiks as he claims that Tory was cuffed after an altercation. A man, who looks like Tory, can be seen facedown on the ground as police get him in handcuffs. Bystanders wonder aloud why the police are targeting Tory before somebody suggests that he may have had a gun on him. Of course, that's pure speculation for the time being as we're sure further details will be released later today. 

Tory Lanez recently caused a little bit of a stir when he compared 6ix9ine's album release to Tupac, causing artists like The Game to react on social media.