Before Memories Don't Die even had a title, Tory Lanez promised listeners his new album would "have a lot of bars." Now that the long awaited project is finally upon us, we can rest easy. Tory is a man of his word. Throughout the eighteen track project, Tory's full range of artistic versatility is on display; while some of the selections find him opting for a more melodic approach, there are more than enough lyrical barrages to keep the bar-seekers satisfied.

Whether he's dropping a hilarious air-horn onomatopoeia or simply weaving a tragic narrative that would make Nas and Immortal Technique proud, Tory's gift with words is well represented across the board. Songs like "Hate To Say" and "Pieces" are so lyrically dense it feels like a shame to cut and paste select highlights; the latter track in particular is meant to be consumed in full, so do yourself a favor and let the cinematic visuals unfold. 

Therefore, we've compiled a list of some of Tory's most memorable lyrics. If you're still doubting Tory's ability to murder shit, scroll through and give the highlighted songs a listen. Don't let the slow jams fool you. The Toronto emcee is nice with it. 

Old Friends x New Foes

Chick from the Himalayas, na na na, na na
When I walk up in the buildin', all you hear is ayy ayy ayy, ayy ayy (AIRHORN NOISES)
Didn't love me at the bottom but they wanna love a n**** at the top though
In here since Pac, now I got the bald head with the Pac flow
Neck lookin' like Pablo with the ki's stuffed in the Tahoe
Been licked since I blow out in Oslo with my eyes low

Old Friends New Foes

I got a million ties, pretty Brazilian wives
Come to my city and see how the shooters' takin' civilian lives
I been out there in the field with 'em, so who am I to pick a side?
Just 'cause I got legitimized, to hypocrite and criticize


Look, first off he was tellin' pussy n****s, story up
I was trappin' out in Brampton, my whole high school year, courted up
Man, H-Town in the Bando's all boarded up, still know it's us
Had a Benz coupe at 17, now it's Rolls Royce when I'm rollin' up
I hit the beach for a brief day, South Beach on a leaf case
Cash all in it and a n****a bring that shit to each state
Talkin' Miami to the peach state, ah


Last year I didn't even know that shit exists
Ed Sheeran put me on every watch, then I roll around
4 years ago, we were talkin' Pateks, it's over now
Shout out my n***a Ed, deserve the greatest due
Look at the Rollie like I'm in love with the shape of you
Brown face Presidential, Obama, top floor of the Trump, like I got no honour

Hate To Say

Had me offended last time that I walked in the Holt Renfrew
Let's break it down for 'em
Account this, if every show is a 100 thou' for him
Then that mean, a hundred minutes on stage will equal a 100k
That's one thousand a minute
So please don't get offended, if I walk inside a store and spend 35 in it
'Cause to me, that's just 35 minutes
Land in Jamaica, sip on a Guinness and get it

Hate To Say

Did a song with Meek Milly, called it "Litty"
Really I just did that shit for the city in love with Philly
God, this chinchilla fur on me, just in case it gets chilly
Burner on my side pocket, just that's incase you get illy out here
Me and Travi$ Scott almost fought at the Mala Luna
We both agreed shortly after that it was music
That we could be possibly doing that bigger than tryna ruin it
So my apologies, n***, just forgive me for doing it
History made in New York City, we called a truce at the tower
I only brought a couple n****s with me
The beef was finished as soon as we took the picture, the world was watching
The attention in the industry started shifting to me
Lord forgive 'em, Lord forgive 'em, I was tripping all the time
I spit subliminal dissing just tryna rip shit
Not realising if I took the time to kick it, and me and Drake, man, them bridges would probably equal to winning

Hate To Say

N***s mad I'm remixing their shit
Fuck out of here, n***a, stop being a bitch
I think it's time we cut the silence by n***s that's talking violent
Speak of silence and give 'em coffins and violins playin'
R&B n****s with Sisqó haircuts, wildin' and stylin'
They dissing, guess they just tryna go viral, I feel 'em
This your favorite song, this gon' be your favorite song
Except when I say it, it's really the people's favorite song

B.B.W.W. / Fake Show

My dick giant like Fifo, if you need know
Money singing in a C-Note like Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
Did it for my n****s back home
In a fiend house, selling crack on a trap phone in a crack home
Winter time getting cold, had to go to Bramaleas
Steal a jacket up out of Jack Jones
Rogers had me gettin' mad at the phone bill, switchin' to the black phone, yeah
I had to switch to a Telus
Ain't really shit you could tell us


Had to include the majority of the first verse, as it would be a shame to break up the tale. The entire track is worthy of contention. In fact, “Pieces” features some of Tory’s strongest lyricism across the board.

Mother on crack and she never had time to bathe her
Then she gave her to her uncle, her brother played the saviour
Until the day he started dating this chick
That had put him up on mad pills and fucking up mad bills
She told me that one night he had got so fucked up
He fell asleep on his sofa, then woke up a new persona
And walked inside of her room and told her remove her clothes
And forcefully started choking her and telling her not to move
Before she could even finish, she rolled out in tears and did it
Told me that for years, this night was a repetition of feeling a fear
That she couldn't seem exit or quit it, the feeling was there
Started talking lower and she told me come here
She said she had to make choices
So she got involved with n***s that make noise with them thangs, you feel
Ran off in her uncle's spot with the stainless steel
Put the burner to his face with this aim to kill
And said, she don't fuck with n*****, 'cause n**** is the reason
She got herself inside of this situation in the first place
Figured this intimidation was the worst case
She sat back and blew six in that boy face

Happiness x Tell Me

Tell me why this n***a saying that they made me
Tryna take more credit than my mom and I'm her fucking baby
Just tell me how you hate the way I made my last decisions
Tell me how you hate the way I make this brash decisions
Tell me how I'm never home to sweep or do the dishes
Tell me that I never made the time to do the dinners
Missed the holidays, anniversaries, and Christmas
Tell me that you hate the way I always gotta get it
Tell me that you hate the way I hop up out that Wraith


Look n***a, I've been this way, since them n****s loaded up them shotgun shells and shot my older cousin Nessa all in his face
Fuck n****s talkin', my teachers called me a disgrace
Had to pull up on 'em last weekend in the big Wraith
I sold work on sick days and ripped Js
I spent days tryna duck the ricochets
'Cause we were tryna figure which clique played with the shooter
Nowadays you boys just tryna figure who click play


Back when you was hip-hoppin' and watchin' Kanye
I was coach hoppin' and sleepin' inside a Hyundai
Made bands out of any floor, at your mom place
Tryna duck the crime rate, where the fuck was my mindstate?
I cry real tears thinkin' bout my mom face
If she was here, I'm thinkin', what would my mom say?
She'd say, I'm well accomplished, she'd say I really did it, she said don't let her settle for no penny pincher