Tori Kelly is planning to hit the road for a second tour supporting her latest project entitled, Hiding Place. The singer will be playing acoustic versions of her Grammy-nominated album, along with unreleased songs. The singer's efforts have been successful, although her venturing into Gospel territory was unexpected. “I just randomly was like, 'what if we put a gospel song on this album?'” she told Vibe. “I remember artists doing that back in the day, like Destiny's Child and Mariah Carey, so I thought that might be kind of cool.

"I brought it up to my team, and they were all for it. Scooter [Braun], my manager, he said 'You should work with Kirk Franklin if you're gonna do gospel.'” One of their joint tracks, "Never Alone," is a Grammy Awards contender for Best Gospel Performance/Song.

“When we decided to put out a gospel album, I set my expectations kind of low, because I figured this might not be what everybody's used to, not everybody believes in the same things,” she added. “I wasn't expecting anything would come from it, but the fact that people are listening and loving this special piece of work, piece of content that Kirk and I made, it's really humbling and awesome.”

Despite the unexpected nature of the Gospel album, Tori's faith is still an essential part of her life.“Just knowing that [faith is] my foundation, and being able to go into this crazy music industry, I’ll focus on the right things,” she explained. “God loves me and created me exactly the way I am, he didn't make any mistakes, and I can't do this thing called life on my own.”

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