After a relatively stagnant week, HNHH readers decided they wanted something new in the first week of June. Let’s get to it:

10) The Weeknd – In The Night

This currently-unavailable Weeknd track managed to hold on in spite of a lukewarm reaction from readers. Abel’s latest dropped six spots to land at number 10 in its second week.

9) Juicy J ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Drake – Tryna Fuck

The Juicy J-est song of all time fell four spots from its first week on the charts to land at number 9. We’re going to chalk it up to all the new songs invading the charts, because it certainly wasn’t from a lack of enthusiasm among the community. 


8) Jay Rock – Money Trees Deuce

If it weren’t for the notable exception on the arm of Beyoncé, we’d say that all Jays are album-averse.

Jay Rock stands out among his TDE cohorts as the only artist without an album since Kendrick Lamar broke through with GKMC. His verse on “Money Trees” remains his standout moment, and a new track that explicitly reminds listeners of that song could signal a build-up to a new album.

“MTD” came in at number 8 in its first week on the charts.


7) August Alsina – Planes (Remix)

The thought I had the first time I heard August Alsina was that it would be the last time I heard him. Somehow, sounding exactly like Chris Brown has allowed him to stick around even while the real Brown is still making music.

That’s not a knock on Alsina’s take on the endlessly reinvented Jeremih track “Planes”. The track scored considerably higher than Chance The Rapper’s version and came in at number 7 in its first week on the charts. 

6) Young Thug – Hey I

Thugga’s haters must live miserable lives, constantly checking on his latest tracks in droves but hating every second of it.

“Hey I” landed at number 6 in its first week, in spite of an incredibly low rating from the HNHH base.


5) Ty Dolla $ign ft. Kendrick Lamar, D&D – L.A.

Ty’s hometown ode has staying power.

The track barely budged in its second week on the charts, dropping to spots to the number 5 position. 

4) Eminem – Phenomenal

I’m sorry, y’all. This track is garbage.

It’s a sonic mess and another example of the sort of damage Em can do to his own legacy (if fanboys ever took off the rose-colored glasses, that is).

Regardless, new Eminem is always news and the hype pushed this "Southpaw" track all the way to number four in its first week.


3) The Weeknd – I Can’t Feel My Face

“Face” was the better of the two Weeknd cuts that appeared last week and it wasn’t a very close race.

That’s reflected on the charts. Readers kept the track in the top three even as “In The Night” fell to the back of the pack.

2) Meek Mill – Check

As hot as it is outside right now, it’s downright irresponsible for Meek to drop a song like “Check”.

Things are about to get heated at barbecues across the nation.

1) Lil Wayne – Glory

Where’s this Wayne been?

The TIDAL exclusive track impressed readers and rode a wave of excitement all the way to the number one spot in its first week on the charts.